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[RP] I'm your butler [English version]

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I'm your butler (slave=))) [English version]

This is a 1x1 RP - Another kind I wanna introduce you guyz.
Brief explanation: 1x1 is the RP containing 2 players only, they interact with eachother. Basically it's not different from normal RP, just the number of players. This creates a higher speed for RP and easier to deal with becoz there will be less problems to solve.

Main plot: There are two main characters: A butler and his master.

This master is the long lost child of the previous master, and befor he died, he told the butler to find the child for him and teach him/her to become a good person to inherit the huge property of the oldman. The story begins...

Note: This RP will be written totally in English in order to practice. Specially dedicated to Scarlet Feel free to lurk (to practice your reading)


[RP] I'm your butler [English version] 13201696681913254498_574_574

Name: Lucia Wingbedger
Age: 15
Characteristics: Strong, stout-hearted, but sometime quite sentative because of family's matters.

Lucia was born without father, and she thought that her father had died. But only when her mother, Rosie Wingbedger - a beautiful woman, died of cancer, Lucia knew the truth, that her mother lied to her. She gave Lucia a ring and a diary, which told her about father... But the truth is not enough, the only thing she knows is that his surname is Harrison, he's and she is his illegitimate children.

After Lucia mother's funeral, at the age of 12, she had to live at local orphanage. But Lucia never gives up and she always tries to find her father, Sir Harrison, a rich-powerful one.


[RP] I'm your butler [English version] 1320174239328186905_574_574

Name: Ryan Adams
Age: 25
Characteristics: Loyal, bravery, straight, honest, good at cooking and managing household
Bio: Ryan's family has worked as butler for The Harrisons since long long time ago. Ryan is not an exception. He started to work as a butler 2 years ago after his father retired, but the peace doean't lasts so long when his master died and left behind a huge property with no children. Following his last words, Ryan has to find the long lost child whose mother used to be his lover. They could not come to a happy ending because of a different in social rank. Now Ryan has to be in charge of the whole mansion with more than 100 servants, as long as the search for his master's child. Could he do that?




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